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About Yami

Nutritionist, Health & Wellness, Food Allergy Coach

With 15 of experience teaching the arts,

health and Wellness

Yami is a Nutritionist, Health and Wellness, Food Allergy Coach, with a degree in Nutrition Food Studies and Public Health, and experience in Food Production Management. Yami is also an accredited 200hr + Meditation and Yoga instructor for adults and children, a fashion and beauty model working with sustainable brands, and a passionate plant-based foodie. Before her passion for health and wellness emerged, she completed 4 years of study in the arts, including Fashion Design and Fashion Styling. In her spare time, she conducts herself as a graphic designer. In 2003 out of her passion for health, wellness, and design the sustainable LOVE and eco-friendly collection is born!

My Story

I am such a foodie, a plant-based foodie that is! I’m sure you have heard the term “foodie” before, a foodie is someone that loves FOOD.  It is a person who is not afraid to try new foods, and finds the journey of discovering different flavors exciting! So, yes I claim it, I am a foodie, I love food, don’t you? 


I used to eat almost everything the standard American diet had to offer until I hit a turning point 15 years ago. After experiencing chronic stomach issues for several years, I was diagnosed with food allergies. I recalled asking, "food allergies, what is that?" I was so confused. I remember thinking, how can the foods that I always ate and loved, all of the sudden be a threat to my life? As you can imagine from that moment on, my life has never been the same! 


The transition was harsh and confusing. I had to go through an extensive elimination diet where I had no option but to eliminate the top eight allergens, such as dairy, eggs, cheese, gluten, peanut, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish, to figure out the culprit. Over the years, I had to put in a lot of hard work trying to figure it out on my own. For this reason, maneuvering through the matrix of food allergies now is second nature to me. However, imagine how I felt back then while being such a foodie! What I then thought was restricting, now I see it as being freeing and saved! The choices I had to make were straightforward, either drown in sorrow or level up and figuring out what the Universe was trying to tell me. So, guess what I decided? To level up of course!


I pushed myself to make the best out of the situation and decided to pursue a degree in Nutrition Food Studies and Public Health. So yes, I got a degree in Nutrition plus in being a Foodie and pretty much-studied food through all of its core arts, sciences, health, psychology, gastronomy, business, production management, and beyond. Through my studies and over the years, I thought I was after discovering how to better understand the food choices I was making and to balance out my meals. However, I ended up discovering much more than that. Food is so much more than food, either we can use it as a tool to destroy and kill, or a tool to heal and enjoy! So, the choice is really up to us!


 It turns out that my food allergies were a blessing in disguise! The standard American diet is what is making Americans sick, and I am so grateful to have been able to escape that horrible matrix. Thanks to my food allergies, I have figured out how to become a more health-conscious person, able to take better care of myself, and live a better, more energized pain-free revitalizing life! What better gift than that right? I figured out that I can still be a foodie and experience all the yumminess that nature and real food have to offer, and I am more than happy to help you do the same!

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